"I have been having problems with my hair, it's thinning, sparse and dry. One day I was introduced by a good friend of mine to check on Rejuvehair. The first time I visited, I already underwent their treatment after a thorough explanation of what it is all about. The first effect I experienced was that my hair became shiny and no longer dry. After regular weekly visits, I noticed that after 3-4 treatments, my hair had increased volume, became more manageable and healthier.

Friends and family noticed the difference which encouraged them to start having treatments and became satisfied customers as well. After approximately 4-5 months of weekly visits, it became twice a month or whenever I feel that my hair starts to become stubborn and unmanageable then I would immediately go back for treatment again. It became a way of life or a lifestyle to me. Sometimes I fail to go and I know if only I will add more effort by regularly going and using recommended products, I am sure that my hair will be fully transformed. I am a happy and satisfied customer - not just because of the effect on my hair but also because I am happy with the kind of care, service and attention that they extend to me. Thank you Rejuvehair!"

-Janette L., Licensed Financial Adviser