"I noticed less hair fall, & gradually, my hair started growing."

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"My main problems were hair thinning and falling hair. I've tried lots of shampoo and treatments before, but did not find it effective. One day, a friend of mine recommended I try REJUVEHAIR. After religious treatments, and after using REJUVEHAIR herbal shampoo & oil simultaneously, I noticed less hair fall, & gradually, my hair started growing.Today, my hair is thicker, stronger, smoother and shinier. Currently, I still continue with my treatments & their home care system, and I strongly recommend those with hair & scalp problems to try REJUVEHAIR. Their prices are reasonable & the treatment system is effective. Ultimately, it has made me happy. Thank you REJUVEHAIR!!!" -P. Tee, Businesswoman

"Rejuvehair has helped me gain more confidence!"

"Rejuvehair has helped me gain more confidence!

Getting older, our hair and scalp tend to deteriorate - with receding hairline, falling hair, and thinning. Through positive word-of-mouth, I discovered Rejuvehair. Their system has helped me manage this and has given me more confidence as I go about my day-to-day activities. Rejuvehair stopped the hands of father time as far as my hair and scalp are concerned. Awesome!!!"

- Jayford Pelaez, Country Manager; IKMF Krav Maga Instructor

"my hair had increased volume, became more manageable and healthier."

"I have been having problems with my hair, it's thinning, sparse and dry. One day I was introduced by a good friend of mine to check on Rejuvehair. The first time I visited, I already underwent their treatment after a thorough explanation of what it is all about. The first effect I experienced was that my hair became shiny and no longer dry. After regular weekly visits, I noticed that after 3-4 treatments, my hair had increased volume, became more manageable and healthier.

Friends and family noticed the difference which encouraged them to start having treatments and became satisfied customers as well. After approximately 4-5 months of weekly visits, it became twice a month or whenever I feel that my hair starts to become stubborn and unmanageable then I would immediately go back for treatment again. It became a way of life or a lifestyle to me. Sometimes I fail to go and I know if only I will add more effort by regularly going and using recommended products, I am sure that my hair will be fully transformed. I am a happy and satisfied customer - not just because of the effect on my hair but also because I am happy with the kind of care, service and attention that they extend to me. Thank you Rejuvehair!"

-Janette L., Licensed Financial Adviser

"After just ONE treatment, I saw the improvement in my hair."

"When I saw how my friend's hair improved after just 3 treatments, I was encouraged to also try and avail of the same. My main concern is I have dry scalp, dandruff, and very fine, thin hair strands. I have long been looking for natural solutions to improve the condition of my hair.

REJUVEHAIR addresses the root of my hair concerns, my scalp. After just one treatment, I already saw the improvement in my hair. It became shiny and the dandruff problem was addressed. I don't believe in miracle treatments. You must also do your part. They have maintenance oil products which target our different hair concerns and I religiously follow the regimen. Because of how my hair looks, I don't even have to encourage people to try the treatment. My clients see the result and they ask where I have my hair treated. I also love how my white hair turns reddish brown after the treatment making it look like highlights!!! Awesome!!!"

- Carol A., Financial Adviser

"After about 8 treatments I already noticed improvements."


           "Two years ago my hair started shedding heavily that I had to go skin head so I sought professional help. A year and a half and a quarter of a million pesos after I was no better than when I started. A friend then referred me to Rejuvehair. After about 8 treatments I already noticed improvements and my hair started growing. The other good thing is I don't have to pay through the roof."

          - Raffy A., Senior Bank Officer.

"It really works!"


From a Retired Physician


For years, as I grew older and my hair turned whiter, I struggled with the decision whether I should start dyeing my hair.  I didn't want to look like so many men who are obviously in their 50's, 60's, 70's who incongruously sport jet black hair.  More importantly, I didn't want to use harsh chemicals on my scalp and hair. 

About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon an article about Rejuvehair and how they are addressing hair loss and graying hair with herbal and chemical free treatment.  I immediately called for a free consultation!  Never having set foot in a hair center before, I approached the first appointment with much trepidation.  My anxiety was soon allayed by Kyra, the office manager, who examined my hair and determined I will probably benefit from the treatments.  She recommended a treatment regimen. I have zero experience with "hair treatments,” so at first I thought the cost would be a bit staggering.  However, I decided that if it works, it will be all worth it.  Kyra assigned me to Nadz who up to now gives me the "royal treatment". 

For the first few months, I went to the center once a week and followed recommended treatment religiously, threw away all my hair products and just used the shampoo and oil treatments which were supposed to balance and revitalize my scalp. I applied the oil every night and I was surprised that it did stain my pillows.  After only about few weeks, I noticed a remarkable difference. My hair started to have a darker shade and became less dry and more manageable. My barber even noticed and asked me if I have started dyeing my hair! That convinced me that the treatment was working. My usual hair loss also seemingly stopped. To date, I continue to go to Rejuvehair though on 2-3 weeks interval and I continue to apply the oils every night.  My hair is not completely dark but I love the comments I get from people who know me and who I have not seen for a while. They say I look good and "more distinguished".  They could not believe that I will soon turn 75!  Thank you Rejuvehair !

 Sincerely, Ed, (74 years old retired physician)